Barbour. The Story Continues…

My first baby, the person who made me a mother, is going to be 4 soon.

Honestly, I’ve been feeling so emotional about it a lot the last few days. I may be wrong, think this is really something only a parent can relate to. (Before I had kids anyway, I had zero understanding when people would say they were upset at the thought of their babies getting older!)

I know life has its many chapters, everything happens for a reason and every day of your life has a place in your story…BUT I honestly do feel like my life started when I had Saoirse. I have never known love like it, which is probably why I’m a bit addicted to having babies!!

Saoirse was born on the 17th of December and we got out of hospital the day before Christmas Eve. It was a blur that year to be honest.  But I did watch The Snowman and The Snowdog on Christmas morning from my bed, with her asleep on my chest. Which is the first thing I thought about when Barbour got in touch to partner on a blog post, to celebrate the “The Story Continues”…

Barbour is such an iconic, heritage brand.

Everything they produce is such great quality and this coat on Saoirse is definitely going to be a hand me down to her other siblings!

Barbour is a 5th generation family business (who doesn’t know their wax jackets) and last Christmas did an advert incorporating “The Snowman and The Snowdog, the sequel to Raymond Briggs’ classic book The Snowman”. Remember watching this on Christmas morning when you were small?? It’s amazing that it’s still on these days, even since the 70’s!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

I think their campaign is enchanting and below is the advert they have released this year which is called “The Story Continues”….

I showed Saoirse a bit of The Snowman and The Snowdog and she’s captivated. I think the fact that it’s just actions and music makes it magical! We’ll definitely be watching the whole thing this Christmas!

Photography by Sarah Blake