5 reasons to buy the Cosatto Giggle 2

I remember how I viewed prams before I had kids. IT’S JUST A PRAM.
Then I became a Mum and I couldn’t have a more opposite view.

Cosatto Giggle 2 Pram Buggy Eimear Varian Barry 8

I spent hours online looking for the right pram when I was pregnant with Saoirse. My budget wasn’t that much so I was limited- but I decided on the Cosatto Giggle 1. We ordered the travel system because it made sense to get the car seat too. I loved the whole aesthetic of the company (they’re also very super witty on their website which is entertaining!) and there seemed to be nobody else like them on the market.

Four years later, I’m working with them on this sponsored post, helping them with their launch of the Giggle 2. I know I always talk about this, but I can’t believe how much has happened in that time.

I’ve taken the pram everywhere the last few months.

On the train to London, to the farm near to us here in Surrey, to Morocco, where we walked through the streets of the medina. It proved to be the perfect pram for all types of weather and all kinds of locations.

I have the carrycot too for the Giggle 2, which I’ll take out when the new baby arrives but right now I’m using the pushchair insert with the cosy foot muff for Harper.

I could write paragraphs about how much I love it, but instead, I thought I’d do a brief 5 top reasons why it’s a great buy.

1. It has the whole package, from the get-go.

-Car seat (which you can purchase separately if you need to) the carrycot for a newborn, pushchair insert for when they get older, foot muff, easy to apply rain cover. It’ll really bring you through until they are ready to not be in the pram any longer.

2. Lots of room below.

Cosatto Giggle 2 Pram Buggy Eimear Varian Barry

I think this is always important to point out because if you’re a Mom, you tend to carry a lot more with you than usual, but if you’re a Mom of two (under 4!) you’ll probably be taking the house with you wherever you go. I can 100% confirm that the Giggle 2 has a hefty amount of space down below!

3. Really easy to fold down and pop back up again.

Trust me!

4. They call it an “All Weather Adventurer”

And this couldn’t be more true. I’ve been in some muddy situations recently with it  (it’s super easy to clean) and going on the plane/being poolside in Morocco was easy!

5. The reclining seat

Cosatto Giggle 2 Pram Buggy Eimear Varian Barry

And how easy it is to adjust is one of the most important features for a pram company to get right. It’s so easy to adjust on the Giggle 2 for when they want to snooze.

They have a lot more kids furniture high chairs etc on their site which you can check out here!