creating my home office


create my home office

I was excited  to do something a bit different with this EE collaboration! It came at just the right time because i’ve recently changed the spare room into a little work space. 

Create my home office

As I said in the feature, if  you’ve been following me on social for a while, you’ll know that we have moved house twice in the last year. I have always dreamt of having a beautiful home, especially when travelling and working around the world. I was so ready to settle somewhere when I met the girls’ Dad.


home office inspiration

I never set out specifically to do the job I do today – it really did kind of happen by accident. It’s a mix of every job I’ve ever worked at in my life and I have used all that experience to build the business I have today.

home office inspiration

So when EE asked me to do a sponsored post and a little feature on their Community Blog, we decided to do it on  “How to create a Home Office”…

You can check it out here