The Kensington London

Inspiration is key for what I do.

I have always looked at life a certain way, mainly because of my father. He is an artist and always encouraged us to appreciate every detail of anything with an ounce of creative beauty. Whether it be a painting in an art gallery he would drag us to or the interior of a room. I guess this is where my love for interior design comes from. My Mum was the same. We didn’t have much money, but some Sundays, she would take us to 5-star hotels and we would sit and have scones and tea in the lobby. Pretending to be princesses! They really made the most of what they had and since then, I have been hugely drawn to beautiful interior, whether it be in hotels, bars or restaurants. Pair that with my experience in hospitality and isn’t it only obvious I’d include this love in what I do for a living today!

I think I strengthened my Irish tone there because I’m talking about an Irish hotel group- The Doyle Group! They have a beautiful hotel called The Kensington which I had the pleasure of staying in last fashion week. It was one of the most beautiful, hospitable, magical places I ever stayed in. From the minute I walked in I was treated like royalty. Real fires lit in corners throughout the hotel and the whole vibe of the hotel was so warm and luxurious. I’ve been back for a few meetings and it’s the perfect spot for lunch or dinner too.

There is so much style and character here

It doesn’t really feel like you’re in London, but you are- the hotel is in Queen’s Gate, South Kensington, close to the shops and restaurants of both Kensington High Street and South Ken, and to the museums and Hyde Park.

I always make sure to state of anywhere I feature is family (kids!!) friendly and this one is for sure. It has disabled access too, which is great and nice and convenient for us pram pushers. I’ll have to take the girls for Afternoon Tea at The Townhouse restaurant someday!