KMS // Berlin Fashion Week

There was so much great content we captured in Berlin with KMS, that I felt like I had to do a dedicated blog post about it!  But first, check out the video from our trip with KMS.

It was an absolutely brilliant few days with one of my favourite brands. And we met up with Dustin Hanke again who is an absolute sweetheart!! He introduced me to some German bloggers who were so interesting! You can check out his Instagram here.

Such an honour to explore one of the worlds most cosmopolitan cities with amazing people! Ollie came with me which made it even better. It’s a massive relief when a brand lets you take a photographer with you- you don’t have to worry about who will shoot your content (only the whole reason why I was going on the trip!) and it’s so good to have somebody at your side assisting you with creative direction but tech stuff too.

KMS Eimear Varian Barry Berlin Fashion Week

KMS Eimear Varian Barry Berlin Fashion Week

The day we arrived

We went to the beautiful (literally the coolest hair salon I’ve ever been to!) Touché Salon where we got our hair done. As you can see from the video, they used KMS products to create the look I chose.

Berlin Fashion Week

We were mainly there to attend Berlin Fashion Week. We went backstage to witness and snap KMS doing the models hair backstage. So much going on! I love the electric atmosphere of fashion week. It was such an honour to meet the other KMS PR’s, Stylists and Creative Directors too!

KMS Eimear Varian Barry Berlin Fashion Week



We did so much discovering and managed to cover a whole lot of restaurants, bars and cafes while we were there.

I’ve talked about the KMS Moist Repair Revival Creme a tonne on my socials

I’ve been using it for two years and it is amazing!! It’s just been rebranded too and has a much sleeker, brighter more simple look to it. In addition to that, my other favourite products they used on my hair during the trip was the KMS add volume styling foam (much needed for hair like mine) and the KMS Moist repair cleansing conditioner.  

Ok, this took me by surprise at the start. I couldn’t really get my head around how a product can give the benefits of shampoo and conditioner all at once…with no foam. But trust me!! It’s feckin brilliant! I am in such a rush during my work mornings that it’s really sped up my shower time and yes- it feels like it has been shampooed and conditioned separately. Try it!!

KMS Eimear Varian Barry Berlin Fashion Week KMS Eimear Varian Barry Berlin Fashion Week

It was such an honour to work with KMS again and can’t wait to do more with them in the future!