Radisson Blu Portman- London

Last weekend was my final trip with Radisson Blu and this time I stayed in Radisson Blu Portman near Bond Street tube station. This is a perfect hotel for anyone wanting to stay in central London. What I liked most about it was it was central, but in a quiet enough street to not feel so central, if you get my drift. I have lived in Surrey (which is about an hour from central) for four years. I come to the city twice/three times a week and pulling into one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, still gives me that feeling of excitement! I love London’s energy, but I like the more chilled, homely aspects of it as much…

Photo 13-05-2017, 17 59 59

I walked to the hotel from Bond Street station, through busy Oxford Street, then down a charming side street,(you’ll find a lot of these around Marylebone and Mayfair) which was full of small, independent stores in old London buildings.

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The Radisson Blu Portman has a pretty epic entrance and the staff at reception were as lovely as always. I was taken up to my suite which was luxuriously roomy and had a great view over the side streets…

Photo 13-05-2017, 18 13 50

It was evening when I arrived, so I showered and headed downstairs for dinner. I had the scallops in Jersey, which is why I ordered them again. Cooked to perfection!

I love the interior of the restaurant downstairs- this wallpaper is beautiful!

There is something so intriguing about an open kitchen isn’t there??

Photo 13-05-2017, 18 21 12 Photo 13-05-2017, 18 17 37

Photo 13-05-2017, 18 26 53
Photo 13-05-2017, 18 16 27 Photo 13-05-2017, 18 16 20

I had an early night (the bed was so comfy) and showered this on my pillow, which I’m convinced set me into a deep sleep! Such a nice touch. It’s all about these details…

Photo 13-05-2017, 19 13 07

The next morning I went down for breakfast to find a spread fit for a king. I was going to get it to the room, but Radisson Blu just do breakfasts so well, I had to see Radisson Blu Portman’s twist to it! (I wasn’t the healthiest – finished my brekkie with a meringue which they make in the hotel! Couldn’t resist!) Technically I was on holidays!

The terrace outside is set up really nice for breakfast too…

Photo 14-05-2017, 08 29 57 Photo 14-05-2017, 08 29 33 Photo 14-05-2017, 07 59 57

Photo 14-05-2017, 09 32 35 Photo 14-05-2017, 09 43 33 Photo 14-05-2017, 09 49 52

I set off to discover what the surrounding areas had to offer and was immediately greeted with these cute little shops and cafes across the street. I loved the Australian cafe called Daisy Green . It was such a sunny morning and the light shone in on it so beautifully. When I walked in, the lady behind the counter was asking …”Would you like  the banana bread toasted with butter or….” My kind of place!

Photo 14-05-2017, 10 03 46Photo 14-05-2017, 10 10 09daisy green, london, london food, eimear varian barry, eimear varian barry travel

Around the corner was Selfridges on Oxford street, which is iconic (look at its structure!) and the best for shopping. Even if you don’t have a lot to spend, you really can get something for every budget there. Their window displays are so beautiful. I walked down Oxford St a bit and went left into this little laneway called St.Christophers Place. I had discovered it a few months previous. It has a slew of great restaurants and luxurious beauty stores. I especially love Workshop for really good coffee.

Photo 14-05-2017, 10 57 30 Radisson Blu Portman Photo 14-05-2017, 10 47 55 Photo 14-05-2017, 10 45 13


There is something special about Sunday mornings in London. To witness it wake up on a Summers morning, with a coffee in hand, is just simply lovely.

Photo 14-05-2017, 11 04 54

I walked up Oxford Street and went straight to Liberty. Another epic London building fantastic  for shopping. It’s located in Great Marlborough Street and sells luxury goods including women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, cosmetics and fragrances, jewellery, accessories, homeware, furniture and the most beautiful stationery.  You may also know their floral and graphic prints which are used by some of the best designers and hotels around the world. They’re really innovative with their social media too. It’s one of the only department stores profiles I go to as I know there is something I will always like!

Photo 14-05-2017, 12 26 14

Photo 14-05-2017, 12 27 36 (1)

I went down Regents Street to the Burberry store which is not only the ultimate retail experience, but it now has Thomas’s. A cafe and restaurant on two floors. How heavenly is this interior…

burberry london, burnerry

And this private dining area too…  

Photo 14-05-2017, 11 49 51 Photo 14-05-2017, 11 52 32 (1) Photo 14-05-2017, 11 40 18

burberry london, burnerry

Stopped at Le Labo in Soho too, which is just the most perfect store and perfect for luxury gifts…


Photo 14-05-2017, 12 19 33 Photo 14-05-2017, 12 15 12 Photo 14-05-2017, 12 11 17

I hopped in a black cab (when in London!) and went to nearby Covent Garden. Some great spots here and you cannot miss going to little hidden Neals Yard. How cute is it!

Photo 14-05-2017, 12 40 04 Photo 14-05-2017, 12 40 41

FYI -Monmouth Coffee on this street (which is on the same street as Radisson Blu Edwardian where I stayed last year!) does great coffee and cake! (Ok, at this stage, I might set up a completely separate website on where the best coffee is in London! Ha!)

The surrounding streets are dotted with colour and character. Visually it’s so beautiful. In Covent Garden, you just want to go into every store. It’s a mix of your Club Monacos (so good) and independent stores. There’s also this modern development just after opening, which is full of make-up and clothes shops.

Photo 14-05-2017, 12 49 15

I couldn’t do the West End without mentioning MUSICALS! I always loved the back of theatres and taking this photo of the stage door reminded me of the excitement I would feel going into the back of the Everyman Palace in Cork. We used to do a show there with the drama school I was with every year. I’ve been to Les Miserbales and Jersey Boys. Honestly, you can’t describe how brilliant the productions are until you actually go.

Photo 14-05-2017, 12 47 38 Photo 14-05-2017, 12 43 06 Photo 14-05-2017, 12 42 10 Photo 14-05-2017, 12 41 25 Photo 14-05-2017, 12 50 31

The belly was rumbling at this point, so I treated myself to Dishoom. Now….Dishoom is bloody amazing. It’s by far the best Indian restaurant in central. There is usually a bit of a wait, but it’s totally worth it. The atmosphere is electric and the interior is beautiful! They have a few across London (including one behind Liberty) and it’s definitely worth going to for lunch or dinner.


Photo 14-05-2017, 13 37 47 Photo 14-05-2017, 13 56 31 Photo 14-05-2017, 14 12 20

I really wanted to look at London from above  which wasn’t on the typical touristy London thing to do. I asked my taxi driver and he told me to go to Monument, which was erected in memory of the Great London Fire. It was 366 steps but so worth it! Terrific views! I feel like I have been told about the best places in cities I have travelled to by people living there. I find people are very patriotic and proud about where they live and will always want to tell you the best way to experience it! As you can imagine, I go on and on and on when people ask me where to go in Ireland!!

Photo 14-05-2017, 14 28 01


Photo 14-05-2017, 14 41 09

I walked down to St Paul’s Cathedral and over the Millennial Bridge, which are both so photogenic.  This takes you right over to Southbank and there is SO much going on there. I am so in love with Shakespeare’s Globe and I am dying to go see Romeo and Juliet here on a Summers evening. I think it would be so romantic. They have replicated the original theatre so well…

Photo 14-05-2017, 14 59 21

Photo 14-05-2017, 15 06 53

Photo 14-05-2017, 15 32 21 Photo 14-05-2017, 15 25 46

I walked up to the Tate to see some of the exhibitions and for a cup of tea on the 5th floor. There’s a restaurant too, if you’d like to have lunch or dinner- the view is amazing! It’s one of the first places I went when I first moved to London. Every inch of it is designed to perfection. I need to shoot something on this staircase!

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I can’t leave the Skygarden out of this as it’s one of the most fabulous experiences in London. I’ve been here three times and I’m telling you- the sunset here with a cocktail in hand is such a romantic experience! So it’s free to go up, but you need to book your tickets on the website. You need to be quick as they only give out a certain amount of tickets for a three week period. Best bet is to check the website every day. You’ll get one in the end! I love that they only leave a few people in at a time. It makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

There is a bar, cafe, restaurant, whole tropical garden. It’s a must!


I’m so happy how this sponsored collaboration with Radisson Blu turned out. They are a joy to work with and I definitely want to experience more of their hotels around the world.

I hope you enjoyed coming along on our travels and you found it informative, insightful and entertaining!